Monday, 16 March 2009

Hari Hari

If its in will be Daily...but the origin is in Chinese..So the name is Thien Thien (to my Chinese friend, correct me if im wrong ya). Its quite well known Chinese Restaurant in KK and it became more famous since they got the Halal certificate from JHEAINS. Last saturday I and my other two close frens went there again for our late lunch. Here are the dishes that we ordered,

Kon Lau Mee with Fried Sesame Chicken
(ini aku yg order..sedaaaap)

Gg n Mael makan nasi putih dan lauk2nya ialah ;

Sweet n Sour Chicken
(to me its Thien Thien's signature dish)

Scrambled Egg with Crab Meat

Baby Kailan with XO Sauce

Bak Choy with Oyster Sauce

Maybe most of you would say that all the dishes are quite common rite? but tell u what..after u try it, u would say that the taste is great n different form other place! What i like about this restaurant is not only because of they have delicious variety of food but most important is because the taste of the food is CONSISTENT!Its the main factor if u want ur food outlet to last long.The taste is still the same like what i experienced the first time i came here which was 3 years ago.Now they have new branch located at Putatan Plaza next to Giant Hypermall Putatan. If u love chinese food and HALAL, Thien Thien Restaurant is the best place to pamper ur appetite!



:: NbC :: said...

sesame chicken tu nampak sgt yummylicious..

rasanya i balik kang dia jual lagi tak..? hehe

*kalo x, kena order skrg aah

ArnabGumuk said...

mmeg sedappppppppppp pinky..espcly the ayam..moist kat dlm crispy kat luar..hmmmm..mcm nak makan tu la hari ni..hehehe yumyumyumyum

:: NbC :: said...


apa kata u nak gi makan nanti, u belajar sekali.. i balik leh u masakkan.. heheh

*leh makan banykkkkkkkkkkk, kalo gi situ seketul je


ArnabGumuk said...

for u!!i will do anything!!hahaha

:: NbC :: said...

owh, how sweet.. ;-)

budleee said...

wah sedap tuh!

ArnabGumuk said...

mmg sangat sedaaaaaap bud!!

e n c h e k || CAMERA™ said...

terasa lapa plak
tgk entry nie

*blog walking~

Josh said...

Ehem ehem...takkan masak untuk Pinky je kot... Ajak ler Josh sekali yek.

The kon lau mee look yumillicious too. Tu belajar sekali yer. Nanti Josh try.

ArnabGumuk said...

josh - utk org yg bujang je!!hehehehe..yg dah kawin duk rumah dediam!!hahaha

yanti said...

har, sama taste mu sama bestfriend mu si azizi. suka dia makan di sana. apa kata next time, kau blog pula kedai yg di putatan (lupa pula aku nama kedainya)tempat kamu selalu lepak tu. jiji said the food is consistent and the service is super fast, esp the mee goreng ayam. aku juga ndak pernah pergi tu, ndak familiar with the place.

ArnabGumuk said...

en camera - yup mmg melaparkan pic2 ini..

yanti - ok yant ..nanti klu kami makan sana...aku akan snap makanannya k!sekali dgn map..hehehe