Sunday, 12 October 2008

We Are Surgeons!!!We Cut Out Malignancies!!

Surgeon, used to be my childhood that time when grown up ask me what is my ambition, i always answer i wanna be a doctor...and when i grew few years older, i managed to tell them the exact type of doctor i wanna be..A Surgeon..Most of them give me positive reaction yet some of them still try to scare me with those pathetic ghost story which if the patient die in my hand they will haunt me forever..spooooooooky huh!!!

People always see a doctor as a very high level career, will give u big bucks, will look so nice with the stethoscope hanging on the neck while wearing doctor's coat and so on and on..ya i always dream to wear that officially but i jus didnt try hard enough to be in that position. End up as a 'surgeon' too, in butchery...instead of making incision in the center of the surface of the artery, i debone a whole dead chicken and rolled it in butcher net and filled it with desired filling and oven baked to perfection..hehehehe...surgeons use surgical knife to do the incision whereas i use paring knife or deboning knife to debone the chicken..quite the same all surgeons whom by mistake reading this post, dun get me wrong okay, i dun mean to put our career at the same level, its just a statement that will make me a bit happy after i failed to achieve my very own goal in my life..

Nevertheless, it does not make me regret nor feel down graded to what i achieve now. I am happy and proud of myself, whateva mistakes that i did in the past made me to who i am now..wonder why am i saying all these??...GREY'S ANATOMY is back!!!SEASON 5 yung!!!Ive been waiting this series since ages!!hahaha..believe it or not, apart from learning some medical terminologies from this series, i also learn how to see life in different angle and think from a different perspective and most of all learn how to appreciate people around you may it be your families, friends, your partner or the one who hates u..i may sound a bit emotional, but there is no wrong to feel it and experience it as long as u know how to control the emotion.

Well i dont wanna talk much bout how the stories goes in Grey's Anatomy Season 5 rite now, cuz i hate people who love to spilled the beans. If u wanna know it, watch it urself by downloading it from torrent or have to wait till next year for it to be on air on StarWorld Astro. U choose what u want!! I cant hardly wait for the seeders to upload the latest episode..CIAOW!!!!!!!!!!!

"Patient: Why do men cheat? My husband slept with my friend, he lost his job and then he slept with my friend, telling me he loves me. Why?
Alex: Maybe he was low, he was down and he didn't want you to see him like that, in pain, weak, less than a man. He has his pride so he turned away. It's not right but it doesn't mean he doesn't care about you. I SWEAR it doesn't."

such a tremendous answer for a women who always think that men always cheat intentionally and on purpose just to hurt them!!


nikillas said...

siyesly.. i'm a hardcore fan of grey's anatomy.. season 5..!! great..!! cheif become stricter than b4..!! yosh..!! cant wait for next ep..

ArnabGumuk said...

exactly..chief been far too lenient before its about time he become more focus since Seattle Grace ranked number 12th teaching hospital..!!im so excited to see more..i pray a lot for the seeders healthiness so they can upload the latest episode A.S.A.P hahahaha