Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Utan Paradise

Last sunday I and bunch of frens went to this new place called Utan Paradise. It is located next to Crocker Range at Ulu Kimanis..Even though the facilities are still very basic but since the owner is our fren, so we r free to do whateva we want..Its like our own new hse with no rules attached!!hahaha..Anyway, the reason we overnite at Utan Paradise is because we r celebrating one of our fren's ??th birthday..we did some simple BBQ dinner(sirloin steak, grilled chicken thigh, grilled tuna n grilled lamb shoulder)...i baked a cake (at first i tot they dun like the cake but it turned out they all love it..macam makan kek yg baru bukak dari plastic kenon!!hehehe)...some pasta dish, dipping sauce, baked eggplant sambal dipping, corn on cob to name a few..Sham n Dawi prepare all the food..for the first time i just sat down n didnt do any of the cooking..hehehe..kacau2 seja..siok oo..and as usual i always forget to take a picture of the foods..kami semua tebarus kasi habis!!hahahha...below are some of the pics that i took wit my camera phone..any inconvenience while looking at the pic is highly regretted...heheheh 2megapixels ja ba..what do u expect??

Di atas tu view dr belakang resort tu,bawah kanan tu tmpt makan n masak, bawah kiri plak small hut utk tmpt tidur bg mereka yg inginkan privacy.

kiri, dlm tu buli muat dua urg gemuk mcm aku utk tdur dengan selesa atas tilam angin (nyesal aku nda tidur sana malam tu). kanan, double decker yg berkelambu..tmpt ni sejuuuuuuuk..so nda payah aircond or kipas.kebetulan plak masa ni hujan ja...so lagi la sejuk!!best best best!!

atas,dr kiri gideon,ayee,ambrose n clement..ambrose n clement la yg bukak resort ni..bawah, max n gideon bersedia sblm mandi sungai..haha

On our way back home, we stopped at the Sungai Kinolosudon for a quick mandi sungaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!yay!yay!..very cold n the current is quite strong due to rainy days the day before.thank god the water is not too cloudy.

If any of u interested to experience what we had at Utan Paradise jus drop me a line, i will let u know the person u should contact or website that u should visit cuz at the moment i dun have any of the information yet..hehehhe..i highly recommend this place for those who love jungle tracking and outdoors activities. Obviously its not like 5stars resort but still its so cozy yet comfortable place to spend on weekends after hectic time at work.Its a conservation place, so make sure u obey the rules okay. Until we meet agian..daaaaaaaaa!!!



orangrawa said...

Best tempat tu......jauh ke dari KK?

ArnabGumuk said...

memang best!!!!more or less than 2hrs la..

Josh said...

That's a beautiful place! Peace and quiet, my kind of resort!

Berapa diaorang charge satu malam?

ArnabGumuk said...

utk double decker tu rm15 la klu tak silap...tp klu mcm ko dah married, baik ambik yg small hut tu josh..selesa..pastu mlm2 kan ada fire flies..so romantic!!!

Josh said...

That's surprisingly cheap! Kalo Josh pergi, will try out this place. Thanks.

ArnabGumuk said...

yup..klu nak pegi bgtau je k!!

jasonjay said...


can u give me the contact? si maipol spait fr sabah park ka the contact?

appreciate it.

jasonjayprinze@yahoo.co.uk or drop by here at jasonjay.blogspot.com